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The Forgotten Genocide
WebTeam - 07-02-06

Donderdag 24 januari 2006
LONDON - The evening of the 24 January 2006 was orientated on a “Forgotten Genocide”, however it was an unforgettable experience for the Assyrian community in London.

Just over 90 years ago, approximately two-thirds of the Assyrians were murdered at the hands of the Ottoman Empire in 1915. After much destruction in the Assyrian homeland, immense pain in the hearts of our brothers and sisters and continuous fear in the eyes of our children we have begun, 90 years later, to rise against the treacherous genocide and massacres that slaughtered two thirds of our nation in one region. To assist us in this plight for justice, MP Mr Stephen Pound and one of Britain’s prestigious Law Lords were present to listen to four of our leading experts talking about the “forgotten genocide” and these were; Mr Ara Sarafian, Mr Sabri Atman, Ms Lina Yacubova and Mr Recep Marasli, who unfortunately was unable to attend, however his speech was given to Mr Ninos Warda to be read out on his behalf. Amongst these present were, the English Press, the Turkish Press, Wilfred Wong from Jubilee Campaign and Minority Rights Group, an organisation based in London, as well as a large and supportive Assyrian and Armenian community....

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